Pepper Black 5ml (organic) - great for sore muscles

Pepper Black 5ml (organic) - great for sore muscles

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This hot and spicy oil has energising and warm qualities that can be used to create a fortifying, revitalising atmosphere that may be especially helpful in times of sadness and worry.

Pepper Black oil is stimulating and strengthening and has specific tonic qualities to assist natural resistance to winter ailments.

  • Circulation
    To support healthy circulation, especially when exposed to winter ailments that may cause the body to be chilled (for example cold hands and feet, and chill blains) add 5 drops to 1ml of Olive oil. Massage into affected limbs twice a day.
  • Muscle Tonic
    To support relaxation and restoration when muscles are tight and tense, blend 3-5 drops in 1ml of carrier oil to apply direct, or on a hot compress. Repeat as required.
  • Back Stretch
    Support massage therapy for back pain by blending 3-5 drops of Pepper Black oil in carrier oil, for massage or on a hot compress.