Breathe Easy Pure Blend - 10ml (organic)

Breathe Easy Pure Blend - 10ml (organic)

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Colds and flu? Don't stress, we have the perfect essential oil blend for you.

Breathe Easy is a powerful blend designed to help healthy breathing, your perfect ammunition during the winter months when colds and flus prevail.

  • Supports healthy breathing and helps to clear mucus
  • Promotes natural productive mucus expulsion
  • People who suffer sniffles and irritation due to hay fever and other allergies may find relief from this therapeutic blend
  • Safe for use with medication when necessary

Breathe Easy blend contains: Eucalyptus Austrailana, Pine Scotch, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary Cineol, Fennel Sweet, Aniseed

Safety precautions: Do not use for infants or while pregnant