Baby Teething Blend (organic) 25ml
Baby Teething Blend (organic) 25ml

Baby Teething Blend (organic) 25ml

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This special blend has effective active oils with soothing and calming properties to help ease infants through the discomfort of teething.

It has been professionally formulated with the purest botanical extracts to provide totally safe, natural infant care. With gentle active components that work directly on nerve receptors, we can apply this blend on a compress or through soft massage to the cheek and neck, and even to the tummy for related upsets and to help settle restlessness.

Warm Compress: wet a face cloth in hot/warm water, wring out, add 10 drops and apply to the cheek. Repeat hourly, as required.
Massage: Gently apply to cheeks and/or tummy.

Key Ingredients: Olive Oil, Lavender True, Jojoba Oil golden, Chamomile Roman (all organic)