Aroma Diffuser - Aroma Dot SALE

Aroma Diffuser - Aroma Dot SALE

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Soulful's ultrasonic diffusers offer the most advanced and efficient way to diffuse essential oils into your environment. Our diffusers use advanced ultrasonic technology which vibrate the water molecules producing a fine vapour which is dispersed into the air.  No heat is used therefore it is a very safe method of receiving the benefits from essential oils.

The Aroma dot diffuser has a classical design in the shape of a full moon. The light part of this diffuser goes through a series of colour changes to brighten the mood of any room.


  • Aroma diffuser: pure essential oils are diffused into the air
  • Mini humidifier: hydrates the air without creating condensation
  • Ioniser: Produces negative ions, designed to make you feel good


  • Auto shut off when water runs out
  • Size: 132mm width x 137.5mm high
  • 24v, 12w
  • LED lighting
  • Water capacity 60ml
  • 12-month warranty on manufacturer’s defects
  • Run time approximately 4 hours

How to care for your diffuser:
Empty any remaining water and essential oils from the water tank after each use. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any oil residue.