Aroma Diffuser - Aroma Dot *LIMITED STOCK*
Aroma Diffuser - Aroma Dot *LIMITED STOCK*
Aroma Diffuser - Aroma Dot *LIMITED STOCK*

Aroma Diffuser - Aroma Dot *LIMITED STOCK*

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The gorgeous Aroma Dot Diffuser will transform your environment.  
Using advanced ultrasonic technology the water molecules produce a fine vapour which is dispersed into the air with the essential oils.
No heat is used therefore it is a very safe method and you receive the maximum benefit from the pure essential oils.
The Aroma Dot has LED lighting which will cycle through the different colours or can be set on your colour choice or the light can be switched off at night time for sleeping.


  • Aroma diffuser: pure essential oils are diffused into the air
  • Mini humidifier: hydrates the air without creating condensation
  • Ioniser: Produces negative ions, designed to make you feel good

SAFETY: Use only 100% pure essential oil blends and water in your diffuser. Essential oils in carrier oils will cause damage and malfunction to your diffuser and void the warranty. It is important to clean your diffuser regularly and wipe around the ceramic disc with a cotton bud to remove oil residue after every use to avoid build up. Refer to the instruction manual for further maintenance and care.


  • Auto shut off when water runs out
  • Size: 132mm width x 137.5mm high
  • 24v, 12w
  • LED lighting
  • Water capacity 60ml
  • 12-month warranty on manufacturer’s defects
  • Run time approximately 4 hours

Please note: This diffuser has a glass lid so take care when handling.

How to care for your diffuser:
Empty any remaining water and essential oils from the water tank after each use. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any oil residue.

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